Standard Warranty

Stoneworks hereby warrants all work for a period of one year after completion against any defects in workmanship or material. No warranty is given on new concrete.

Conditional Lifetime Warranty

Stoneworks provides a conditional lifetime warranty specifically for Granicrete and Eurostone overlay products against overlay delamination only, not sealant. Warranty remains valid only with the condition that the residential Owner has Stoneworks inspect any and only overlays installed by Stoneworks within every 48-month period following the original installation or any previous Stoneworks inspection and reseal if necessary. Should Owner fail to contact Stoneworks during any 48-month inspection period, the conditional lifetime warranty will become void and non-valid.

Note: For commercial or high-traffic applications, 24-month inspection periods are required.

Stoneworks’ special overlay sealer must be applied periodically to surface to maintain a new look appearance and to strengthen the existing overlay. Sealer preventative maintenance is not covered under the conditional lifetime warranty and represents an additional charge to the Owner.

New or existing cracks in concrete may transfer through overlay. Transferred cracks, chipping or pealing of overlay in these areas will not be covered by warranty. No warranty is given on new or existing concrete.

This warranty on concrete overlay supersedes any other warranty expressed or implied. Color of overlay will be determined by preview and acceptance by Owner throughout the project.

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